We support small to mid-sized business with their Pay, HR and Time needs. No phone trees here – just great support!

Payroll for Your Business


Payroll Solutions helps businesses save time and money. We understand the burden payroll places on small businesses. Our comprehensive solutions make life easier for you and your team – because that’s what we are all about!


Our HCM solution provides businesses with the ability to quickly implement an ATS, onboarding and employee document management solution that drastically reduces the administrative burden on you and your team – because that is what we are all about!


Our timekeeping solution was designed with “everyday people” in mind, which means we offer timekeeping solutions that are simple to set-up and simple for employers to manage employee time – because that is what we are all about!

We don’t forget about the accounting team that has to make payroll work within the business financials. We speak fluent accounting and always make sure a general ledger import or report is included with payroll!

About Payroll Solutions

Payroll Solutions was born in Seattle around the idea of taking the burden of payroll processing off your shoulders.  We consider service above all else, and have all the technology available in whatever configuration works best for our clients.

Service:  Nothing makes us happier than to roll up our sleeves and actually help a client process payroll.  When you call – you won’t get a ticket number or be asked “what team are you on?” You won’t have to push any buttons to find a person.  We’ll answer your phone call or email promptly and treat you as if we were on your payroll team – just working at a remote location.  We really do help!

Technology:  This is an important part of any payroll service – so we tailor our technology to meet your business needs and that of your employees.  We have a suite of online options: Pay, HR and Time that we are ready to deploy based on YOUR needs – not a “one size fits all” model.

We know payroll, timekeeping and HRIS technology. We are ready to help take some burden off your shoulders. Give us a call any time!

If you have any questions at all, call us at 206-PAYROLL or

A few organizations we support:

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