For Payroll Solutions, our job isn’t finished until the accountant has done a bank reconciliation – and we don’t know of any other payroll company that even thinks like this! Since our roots are as an accounting firm that did payroll, we very clearly understand what an accountant needs to make things work and we don’t forget about them or the work they have to do with payroll. We are very skilled at designing the payroll system to seamlessly flow into the GL. No more picking your way through payroll reports to build a GL. We create imports as .csv, .iif, .xls, or whatever format your accounting system needs and we simply send it over to you with each payroll. As usual, there is NO additional charge for this important service. Why would you have to pay for this when you’ve already paid for the payroll?

So, tell us what accounting software you use, give us your chart of accounts and we’ll map your GL so you get an import of a finished GL with each payroll!