Tax Services: Total Tax

Today’s complicated and ever-changing requirements for payroll tax filing creates a large burden for employers. Let Payroll Solutions’ Total Tax Filing services shield you from possible payroll tax penalties by providing accurate and timely filing, reporting, and depositing of your payroll taxes and related returns.

  • Federal payroll tax deposits (withholding, FICA/ social security, medicare)
  • State Tax Filings in any state
  • State and Federal unemployment payroll tax deposits (SUI/SUTA, FUI/FUTA)
  • State Disability (SDI)
  • Local payroll tax deposits
  • Labor and Industry
  • Quarterly/Annual easy-to-read reports
  • Quarterly/Annual local, state and federal returns
  • Forms W3, W2, 1099
  • Magnetic media filing
  • Response to state or federal tax inquiries

Total Tax ensures each payment is on time and as required by each government agency. With Total Tax, all returns and reconciliation reports are submitted automatically on your behalf while you receive file copies for your records.

We are so sure it will be done correctly, that we will pay any penalties and interest if they arise. This not only ensures peace of mind, but also saves time and allows you to get back to business.