Rest easy, Payroll Solutions will take the burden of 401K reporting off your shoulders too, if you’d like, and for no additional fee. We know that once payroll is over, 401K reporting is the next step to finishing the payroll cycle and we’ll be glad to help here too! We can up upload your 401K file or send you a custom built 401K report for your own filing. At year end we will send you all the census info your 401K plan administrator requests. We know you need it so you know you’ll get it promptly from Payroll Solutions – because that’s just what we do and who we are!!

NEW Feature – Now Available !!

We have an exciting new opportunity for our clients and their financial advisors. We are rolling out our own 360 degree 401K platform. This means your employees will be able to self-manage their 401K choices and those changes that affect payroll will automatically flow into the deduction portion of payroll so the Payroll and/or HR Administrator will no longer have to keep up with employee changes. It also means that Payroll Solutions will automatically upload your 401K reporting the night payroll is approved and processed so your reporting will be on an absolutely immediate reporting schedule. No worries – we’ve got you covered!

Payroll Solutions has partnered with one of the largest 401K providers to offer this affordable option that keeps your costs down and allows for the greatest flexibility in managing your 401K.

Please be sure to ask your payroll specialist about this feature.

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PlatinumRetire was designed with professionally managed investment portfolios that protect you. There are over 30,000 investments to choose from, you can’t be an expert on all of them. With PlatinumRetire, you don’t have to be. Included in the service is a named Investment Fiduciary who engages and monitors a professional investment manager, providing you with two levels of fiduciary protection.  Working with a financial advisor?  No problem, but you don’t need to have an advisor to set up PlatinumRetire.

See The Investments

The PlatinumRetire retirement service monitors participant performance and alerts you to events that could potentially impact your years of retirement. eRIA’s team of licensed advisors will walk you and your employees through your options and answer any questions you may have.