Susanna C. CEO

Payroll Solutions does a fast, efficient, correct job at a very reasonable rate.  In addition, the team is very friendly and responsive.  As a start-up, working with Payroll Solutions is one of the best business decisions we’ve made.

Sarah A. Office Manager

The Payroll Solutions Team is always ready and willing to help with all of our company needs. Whether it’s a quick report I need or a lengthy vacation accrual project, they are on top of it. I love working with them and wouldn’t go anywhere else for my payroll needs. Jenna is especially wonderful to work with!

Love ya!!

J D. Owner

In the four years we’ve been using Payroll Solutions Washington, Janet and her team have proven to be:

Quick to resolve any issues
A knowledgeable resource

Terrific service provider! Worth consideration by any company in need of payroll services.


Hunter W. VP

As a small company, we’re extremely pleased to have Payroll Solutions on our side. They are extremely knowledgeable, responsive and helpful and our monthly payroll works like clockwork (and they send personal reminders when they need something!). They take a big load off our administrative burden.

Maurizio M. VP of Development

We love working with Payroll Solutions.

They have been very efficient in setting up our payroll, and they take care of everything with great responsiveness and support.

James H. Director of Operations

We really love that Payroll Solutions and Jenna are so quick and helpful when responding to our needs. They are able to work with us and troubleshoot and challenges at a moment’s notice. That goes a long way since we don’t have a full HR department and a small staff. They are great.

Beth B. Controller

You all have done a spectacular job for us for many years, redoing payrolls when necessary, and doing quick turnarounds. Mostly, you are GREAT at catching my mistakes when those happen.

Margaret S. General Manager


Your people are doing such a great job especially Jenna that I haven’t had to get into the new cloud payroll system.  I have forgotten my login and password so I cannot even get the new web going….


Tessa C. CFO

Hi Janet,

I wanted to send some information on my satisfaction with the service you and your team has been providing.  I am completely ecstatic about my decision to switch payroll companies.  The level of support that I’m receiving is phenomenal, and night and day to what I had.  I love the fact that I can send an email and get a response quickly, and even sometimes on weekends which exceeds my expectations.  I can be as involved or not as I want to and still know everything will be ok.  I appreciate the follow up that is placed on everything and the comfort of knowing even if there is a problem (which there hasn’t been) it will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.  Switching to a new system has a learning curve, and there are still some aspects that I’m trying to get used to, but overall I would rate my experience very high, because I am looking for a company that focuses on customer service, and I’ve found it!  Thanks to you and your team for exceeding my expectations on customer service and support!  Have a great day!

Best Regards, Dave P. Office Manager

Thanks Larry,

And thanks to you and all your crew for doing a great job for our company!

Since Mike A. left and I took over, I have counted on you guys to help me out during this period of conversion. I have leaned on you and you have responded diligently in all cases.

My thanks again and I’m sure I might lean on you again in the future.