We started using Payroll Solutions in 2010, and our only regret is that we didn’t start sooner.  Getting payroll done used to be a big time-waster for our small company, especially when it came time to producing government reports and making payments.  We were even fined by the State of Washington because the form we submitted (from QuickBooks) was no longer formatted properly! 

Now, we just send a single email with employee hours every 2 weeks, and Payroll Solutions does all the rest.  Our employee’s checks are automatically deposited into their accounts, plus they receive an email payroll stub containing all the relevant info including their accrued paid time off hours.  Our payroll taxes are paid ‘as we go’, so we don’t have a big spike in taxes each quarter or year, and we are always confident that the taxes are paid on time.  And like clockwork, we get a copy of the quarterly/annual tax forms in the mail.

It is such a relief to be out of the ‘payroll business’ so we can focus on our real business.   The fees are reasonable, and more than pay for themselves in terms of time and energy saved.  Plus Payroll Solutions is always professional, friendly, prompt, reliable… and they answer their phone immediately.

It is a pleasure doing business with Payroll Solutions – I highly recommend them!