Hi Janet,

I wanted to send some information on my satisfaction with the service you and your team has been providing.  I am completely ecstatic about my decision to switch payroll companies.  The level of support that I’m receiving is phenomenal, and night and day to what I had.  I love the fact that I can send an email and get a response quickly, and even sometimes on weekends which exceeds my expectations.  I can be as involved or not as I want to and still know everything will be ok.  I appreciate the follow up that is placed on everything and the comfort of knowing even if there is a problem (which there hasn’t been) it will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.  Switching to a new system has a learning curve, and there are still some aspects that I’m trying to get used to, but overall I would rate my experience very high, because I am looking for a company that focuses on customer service, and I’ve found it!  Thanks to you and your team for exceeding my expectations on customer service and support!  Have a great day!